Aberfeldy Virtual Show 2021

Please read and adhere to the following rules. Download the Rules & Class list here.
An email should accompany all entries to include name, address and age if relevant and clearly state the class to be entered. Exhibitors should be resident within the Show area.

Entries should be emailed to the secretary (virtualshow2021@outlook.com) by noon on Wednesday 4 August – no late entries accepted due to time needed to compile for judging.

Membership is not compulsory but would be appreciated to help cover ongoing expenses.

Note: – no trophies will be awarded this year, but prize tickets will be sent to winners.

Livestock Classes

  1. Exhibitors are invited to submit up to three photographs OR a twenty-second continuous-shoot video for classes 1 – 4, 7 and 8 and no more than ninety-second for classes 5 and 6.
    Maximum of three entries per class per exhibitor.
  2. No professional photographs.
  3. Please try to avoid people or signs in order to keep entries anonymous for judging.
  4. Horse/pony photographs/videos must be recent, should show the animal walking toward the camera, trotting away from the camera and stood side-on to the camera.
    Class 7 – please state if male or female
  5. Cattle and sheep entries must be recent photographs/videos, of relevant age for the class, in a natural condition and not haltered, held, or restrained in any way.
  6. All photographs/videos should be emailed to virtualshow2021@outlook.com

Horticulture & Industrial Classes

  1. One photograph per entry.
  2. Photographs to be emailed to virtualshow2021@outlook.com

Children’s Classes

  1. Entrants should be from the Breadalbane Academy or Pitlochry High School catchment areas.
  2. Clearly state age when submitting entry as this will be taken into consideration when judging. Entries will be split by age: – under 5years, 5 to 8 years and 9 to 14 years.
  3. One photograph per entry with no more than two entries per class from each exhibitor.
  4. Photographs to be emailed to virtualshow2021@outlook.com

Horses1Pony 12.2hh and under – shown in hand

2Pony over 12.2hh but not exceeding 13.2hh – shown in hand

3Pony over 13.2hh but not exceeding 14.2hh – shown in hand

4Horse exceeding 14.2hh – shown in hand 

5Ridden pony 13.2 and under – video of show to be no longer than 1.5 minutes. Any lead reins entered will be judged as a separate class

6Horse or pony over 13.2 hands – video of show to be no longer than 1.5 minutes.

7Highland pony – male or female (may be split depending on numbers)

8Clydesdale – male or female – any age
Cattle91 Breeding female

101 Senior stot calf – born between show day 2020 and 31-01-21

111 Senior heifer calf – born between show day 2020 and 31-01-21

121 Junior male calf – born on or after 01-02-21

131 Junior heifer calf – born on or after 01-02-21

141 Yearling stot or heifer
Blackface Sheep151 Ram – any age

161 Ram lamb

171 Ewe

181 Gimmer

191 Ewe lamb

203 Pure blackface lambs
Cross Sheep211 Ram

221 Ewe

231 Gimmer

241 Ewe lamb

253 Prime lambs
Horticulture263 Stalks rhubarb

273 Beetroot

282 Courgettes

291 Begonia

301 Fushia

311 Hanging Basket
Industrial323 Pancakes

33Wedge of Victoria sponge

34Individual Bakewell tart

35Greetings card – any craft

36Floral arrangement in a wine glass

37Photograph of wildlife
Children38Decorated Tea/Digestive biscuit

39Animal made from fruit or vegetables

40Painted stone

41A4 Poster advertising Aberfeldy Show